Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bill’s is our beautiful and unique diner. Buffalo Bill’s seats over 70 and its unique decor will have you relaxed and comfortable in no time.

Breakfast starts at 8AM and you can choose from a light breakfast or go big with a Buffalo Bill’s Special Breakfast. You can also try our Pancakes Stacks all served toppings of your choice.

We have Fresh Lunch Specials everyday with roast dinners, pasta dishes and salads. Our staff can also make you a roll, sandwich or wrap of your choice

Our Sheriff Burger

Fridays in Buffalo Bill’s  is delicious Burger night with our amazing Burger Menu and all are made to order






We have a Sunday Lunch Menu that not only triumphs is taste; but also in value

Sunday Lunch Main – €9              2 Courses – €12              3 courses – €14!!